New Giraffe Arrives at Woodland Park Zoo

The Woodland Park Zoo here in Seattle just announced today the arrival of a new male giraffe, Dave, transferred from the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.

Yes, moving a giraffe is complicated.  Keeping it in isolation for its required 30-day quarantine is also, since few buildings have the required ceiling height. Normally quarantines are done in the Animal Health Center which has a whole wing for that purpose, but those rooms are definitely not tall enough. I’d been over to the zoo twice in the last week and noticed people working on the giraffe barn, but I hadn’t clued in to what they were doing (and didn’t think to ask).  They were partitioning off a part of the barn just for Dave!

The hope is that Dave can be bred with sisters Olivia and Tufani. He’s only 2, so it will probably be some time before he’s ready… and then giraffe gestation is 18 months. So be patient… this is going to take a while.

Dave giraffe 6_2_14 Pisto (4)_STAMP

Dave steps out of the trailer and into his new home at Woodland Park Zoo. Photo by Kirsten Pisto/Woodland Park Zoo.

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