MERS Quick Update

A quick update on the MERS virus, with the latest news.

  • There has been confirmation of MERS being transmitted directly from an infected camel to a human. Saudi Arabia is preparing to test camels for the MERS-CoV virus. This doesn’t mean that camels are the only source; we may still discover that bats have caught it from camels (or vice versa) and either can pass the MERS-CoV on to humans. But we know at least one vector.


  • Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia dramatically increased the number of known MERS cases within its borders. This is causing some in the healthcare community to have doubts about Saudi Arabia’s openness, a significant concern given that it is “ground zero” for MERS. Saudi Arabia has fired its deputy health minister in the wake of this underreporting revelation, and is working to improve its processes.
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