By all appearances, the Republicans are about to have a very good midterm election — including potentially taking control of the Senate. This baffles and depresses me for one simple reason:  the Republicans are shameless, baldface liars, and voters are unwilling to call them on it.

Republicans are actively pushing through anti-abortion measures in many states, under the guise of “protecting the health of pregnant women.”  This is bullshit, and we all know it. The laws will do absolutely nothing to protect the health of pregnant women; they simply put so many extreme and restrictive regulations on clinics and doctors that perform abortions that most of them will close. The only hope here is that a majority of the judges on the Supreme Court will continue to be willing to see and name this lie for what it is.

Republicans are pushing voter ID laws in many states, under the guide of “fighting voter fraud.”  There is clear and compelling evidence that voter fraud, of the type that voter ID laws would combat, is negligible at best. The real effect of voter ID bills is to disenfranchise low income and minority voters who would tend to vote against Republican candidates.

Republicans continue to deny at every opportunity that anthropogenic climate change is real, is here, and is something we need to deal with now. Republican politicians are not stupid; they know it’s real, but continue to spout this incredibly dangerous lie because it plays well with their base and will get them votes. This one isn’t just bad for Democrats; this is bad for every single American, and for every person on the planet. It’s incredibly irresponsible.

At what point do we stop rewarding liars by voting them into office?  What they’re doing isn’t leadership; it’s profit-taking at the expense of American citizens. Wouldn’t it be great if the worst label we could affix to a politician was “liar?”  We should all be incredibly pissed off that the Republicans have the gall to stand up in front of us and tell us bald-faced lies.  Where is the outrage?

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  1. Luke Mastalli-Kelly says:

    Simple answer: the outrage is coming primarily from the well educated, who are far more likely to vote Democratic. While there are Republicans who are willing to stand against their party on many of these issues, they tend not to do well with the national base, and thus drift to the fringes of the party, or change their tune. Posner’s called out the mainstream party in numerous venues, but isn’t worried about re-election. Jon Huntsman has all but left the party. Mitch Daniels has done a little pandering, and a great deal of drifting away from the party. Paul Ryan started as an independent voice in the party, and then jerked right so fast to try for the VP nomination that he was redshifted.

    Unfortunately, most of the Republican base is simply too poorly educated and informed to know that they are being lied to, or make solid fact based judgements. Those who know better generally have money or specific issues (parts of the Christian Right) on the line that cause them to keep with the party that backs their pet policies.

    I suspect the Republican establishment is well aware of this- consider what Texas is doing with many textbooks, from science to history.

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