Ending the Elephant Program at Woodland Park Zoo

Today the Woodland Park Zoo announced, with great sadness, that it would be phasing out its elephant exhibit and transferring its two Asian elephants, Chai and Bamboo, to another AZA-accredited facility. Their reasoning is clear yet nuanced. Let’s take a moment to walk through it.


Check out this report on Vip, one of the silverback male gorillas at the Woodland Park Zoo, and his recent surgery.

New Giraffe Arrives at Woodland Park Zoo

The Woodland Park Zoo here in Seattle just announced today the arrival of a new male giraffe, Dave, transferred from the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.

Why Save a Species?

You would have to be living in a cave not to be aware that there are many species on our planet that are in grave danger of going extinct in the near future. As a volunteer at the Woodland Park Zoo here in Seattle, I am armed with information about the endangered animals that are […]

New Cheetah Exhibit at Woodland Park Zoo

I finally made it over to the zoo this morning to see the new cheetah exhibit, and thankfully the cheetahs were up and wandering around!  I got some good pics. Enjoy!

A Thoughtful Article on Zoos, by an Insider

Here’s a thoughtful piece by a zoo insider about how zoos have changed over the last 20 years and their role in society today. Sadly, it’s in the context of the death of a much-loved orangutan at the Oregon Zoo.

Expanding knowledge about kangaroos

The Woodland Park Zoo blog has a fascinating post today about the wallaby and wallaroo joeys being raised there. The whole family of macropodidae, including kangaroos, wallaroos and wallabies, have a bizarre and perilous gestation and birth process.

The Habitat Cost of Green Energy

Bloomberg has an interesting article today on what solar and wind energy installations are doing to birds.


    OK, let’s start by getting the joke out of the way: cheetahs never prosper. Sadly, that’s very close to the truth. 12,000 years ago, when there was a mass extinction event that took out 75% of the large mammals on the planet, cheetahs barely survived. Their decimated numbers resulted in a “genetic bottleneck” […]

Morning at the Zoo

This morning the Woodland Park Zoo celebrated the 20th birthday of their twin grizzly bears by dumping a truckload of snow into their exhibit (courtesy of the fine folks at Crystal Mountain Ski Resort) and hiding treats within for them to dig around for.  It was great fun to watch, and I got some great shots […]

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