MERS: what you need to know

You may have seen articles about Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, pop up in the news in the last couple of weeks. You’re going to see it more often going forward, as both the CDC and WHO are tracking it very closely.

West Antarctic ice melting at an accelerating pace

NASA held a press conference this morning to announce their recent research results on the West Antarctic ice shelf. There is one big difference between the Arctic and Antarctic ice shelves: the ice at the North Pole is floating in the ocean, and the Antarctic ice is sitting on land.  At a very coarse level what this […]

Is there another Earth out there?

Scientists have discovered a planet nearly the size of Earth and within the “habitable zone” surrounding its star — meaning that it would receive enough light and heat to allow for liquid water.  It’s approximately 500 light-years away from us, so we won’t be colonizing it anytime soon, but it is an interesting scientific finding […]

Up and Running

OK, that took a few weeks, but the site is now up and running. Now to start writing…  stay tuned.

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