Taking some time off

I’m taking some family time over the next two weeks. Expect occasional posts if interesting things happen, but no morning news roundups.

Yeah, I know. I’ve been busy.

Busy launching this other site. Come visit me there.

10 Most Inspiring Books

Yesterday a friend on Facebook challenged me to post a list of the 10 most inspiring books I’ve read.  “Inspiring” is defined fairly broadly. This has provoked 24 hours of introspection; I’ve read a lot of books in my lifetime, many of which have affected me in one way or another. But here goes with my […]

Zoo bashing

Earlier this week this article published in the Huffington Post on “11 things you should know before planning your next trip to the zoo.” Articles like this really make me angry. They are written by people who have decided that zoos are awful, and only quote other people who have decided that zoos are awful. […]

Sea star wasting syndrome: now in the San Juans

  Terrible news:  sea star wasting syndrome has reached the San Juan Islands. photo credit: Drew Harvell

What the Supreme Court’s patent ruling means — and doesn’t mean

Today the Supreme Court handed down a unanimous ruling in Alice Corporation Pty. Ltd. vs. CLS Bank International, a much-watched patent case.  There was much hope in certain corners that the Court would make a broad ruling related to the validity of software patents and/or business method patents. Many people also hoped that they would, at […]

Chocolate: why it’s awesome

Here’s a fascinating article on how chocolate works, and why it’s better than kissing (and possibly better than sex). I found particularly interesting the part about what happens the first time a chocolate bar first melts, and the notion of it as a “solid drink” because it’s solid at room temperature but liquid at human […]

A Rant about Measles

The CDC reported today that in the US we are seeing the highest levels of measles infections in 20 years. This isn’t just a tragedy. It’s a stupid, pointless, completely avoidable tragedy.

Science Nerd Moment for Today: Recoding

  There’s an interesting article in Nature today, discussing some recent research on how the protein-manufacturing mechanism inside our cells works.  But first, some background.

Sea Star Wasting Disease now in Oregon.

Sea star wasting disease has now been detected along the Oregon coast. Not good at all.

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