Satya Nadella’s First Big Screwup

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new CEO, was interviewed on stage at the Grace Hopper Conference on Women in Computing.  This should have been an easy layup; he was being interviewed by Maria Klawe, a Microsoft director and all-around god and reasonable person. Then Satya opened his mouth.

Recap of Microsoft News Today

Here’s a recap of Microsoft’s news today:

What a comment spam script looks like

Like most blogs, I get a fair amount of comment spam. I have a good automated filter that catches pretty much all of it, but once a week or so I look through what it’s caught to see what the patterns are. The vast majority is the same form: generic complimentary statement about how wonderful my […]

Gender bias (and more!) in venture funding decisions

A great paper was just published in PNAS, authored by researchers from Harvard Business School, Wharton School of Business, and MIT Sloan School of Management. It looks at some of the underlying reasons for the gender imbalance in venture funding.

The Facebook Experiment: what you need to know

Over the weekend something that Facebook did exploded all over the Internet, newspapers, and TV news. Over the past two days I’ve spent a bunch of time reading up on the issue and gathering the available information, so I could take a run at explaining the issues involved, why people are upset, and the heart of the […]

Kepler Space Telescope gets a New Mission

There was good news today from NASA about the Kepler space telescope, which suffered some wear-and-tear along the way to completing its original mission, and a key mechanical fault last summer which prevents it from continuing with “business as usual.” Its new mission, dubbed “K2,” is a tribute to the ingenuity of NASA scientists.

The Habitat Cost of Green Energy

Bloomberg has an interesting article today on what solar and wind energy installations are doing to birds.

Today at the Supreme Court: when can police search your cell phone?

  Today the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on two cases related to searching cell phones:  Riley vs. California  and United States vs. Wurie.  The issue in both is the same: if the police arrest you, do they have the right to search your cell phone’s contents? Today there is no dispute that the police may […]

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