Today in Sciency Things

Three things of note from the World of Science today…

Someone said something nice about white bread

A really interesting paper came out recently looking at the impact of diet and nutrition on “microbiota” — the complex ecosystem of bacteria that form the heart of our gastrointestinal tract.

Sea star wasting disease “exploding” along Oregon coast

This is bad news:  sea star wasting disease has popped up along the Oregon coast over the last two weeks, according to reports.

MERS Quick Update

A quick update on the MERS virus, with the latest news.

New Giraffe Arrives at Woodland Park Zoo

The Woodland Park Zoo here in Seattle just announced today the arrival of a new male giraffe, Dave, transferred from the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.

Xinjiang and the Uighurs: this can only end in tears

The Xinjiang region in western China has been repeatedly popping up on my news feeds lately, for more than one reason, so I thought it worth some digging to better understand what’s happening there.

Methane: you should be worried

When we talk about global warming, most of our discussion centers on carbon dioxide, a powerful greenhouse gas that human societies have been pumping into the atmosphere in increasing quantities since the beginning of the industrial revolution. But that is about to change: there is increasing consensus that methane is an even more serious threat.

MERS update

Additional news about Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, has been trickling in over the last week since I posted this piece, so here’s an update — and it’s almost all good news.

Kepler Space Telescope gets a New Mission

There was good news today from NASA about the Kepler space telescope, which suffered some wear-and-tear along the way to completing its original mission, and a key mechanical fault last summer which prevents it from continuing with “business as usual.” Its new mission, dubbed “K2,” is a tribute to the ingenuity of NASA scientists.

West Antarctic ice melting at an accelerating pace

NASA held a press conference this morning to announce their recent research results on the West Antarctic ice shelf. There is one big difference between the Arctic and Antarctic ice shelves: the ice at the North Pole is floating in the ocean, and the Antarctic ice is sitting on land.  At a very coarse level what this […]

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