Review: OSF’s The Cocoanuts

Every year The Oregon Shakespeare Festival mixes their standard offering of the Bard’s works with a handful of plays from other sources. This year, one of those in the latter category is a staging of The Cocoanuts.

Today in Sciency Things

Three things of note from the World of Science today…

Short Story: Pink

Recently I’ve been on a trend towards making more “ordinary” foods myself rather than buying them. I’ve been making my own bread for a long time, and I made my own cheese for the first time last month when I was trying out a recipe for saag paneer. I’ve made tortillas, and tortilla chips, and […]

Life is Good.

I have a ritual every time I fly through Sea-Tac Airport  (which sadly, is far too frequently). Right after I get through security, I walk through the Life is Good store on Concourse C. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect t-shirt: one that represents the more carefree aspects of my life these days.  […]

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