Today in Sciency Things

Three things of note from the World of Science today…

Sea star wasting disease “exploding” along Oregon coast

This is bad news:  sea star wasting disease has popped up along the Oregon coast over the last two weeks, according to reports.

Why Save a Species?

You would have to be living in a cave not to be aware that there are many species on our planet that are in grave danger of going extinct in the near future. As a volunteer at the Woodland Park Zoo here in Seattle, I am armed with information about the endangered animals that are […]

Methane: you should be worried

When we talk about global warming, most of our discussion centers on carbon dioxide, a powerful greenhouse gas that human societies have been pumping into the atmosphere in increasing quantities since the beginning of the industrial revolution. But that is about to change: there is increasing consensus that methane is an even more serious threat.

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