Someone said something nice about white bread

A really interesting paper┬ácame out recently looking at the impact of diet and nutrition on “microbiota” — the complex ecosystem of bacteria that form the heart of our gastrointestinal tract.

Short Story: Pink

Recently I’ve been on a trend towards making more “ordinary” foods myself rather than buying them. I’ve been making my own bread for a long time, and I made my own cheese for the first time last month when I was trying out a recipe for saag paneer. I’ve made tortillas, and tortilla chips, and […]

How to Make Amazing Cupcakes

In my last year at Microsoft Research, I developed a reputation for bringing cupcakes into the office. This was something of a labor of love for me: I enjoy cooking and baking, and while I’m not particularly artistic, I think I do have a pretty good sense of flavor. A few years back I took […]

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