Review: OSF’s The Cocoanuts

Every year The Oregon Shakespeare Festival mixes their standard offering of the Bard’s works with a handful of plays from other sources. This year, one of those in the latter category is a staging of The Cocoanuts.

Sea stars: hope or last gasp?

It’s been reported this week that in some of the places where sea star wasting syndrome has recently wiped out the local sea star population, researchers are now finding baby sea stars. 

Sea star wasting syndrome: now in the San Juans

  Terrible news:  sea star wasting syndrome has reached the San Juan Islands. photo credit: Drew Harvell

What the Supreme Court’s patent ruling means — and doesn’t mean

Today the Supreme Court handed down a unanimous ruling in Alice Corporation Pty. Ltd. vs. CLS Bank International, a much-watched patent case.  There was much hope in certain corners that the Court would make a broad ruling related to the validity of software patents and/or business method patents. Many people also hoped that they would, at […]

Today in Sciency Things

Three things of note from the World of Science today…

Someone said something nice about white bread

A really interesting paper came out recently looking at the impact of diet and nutrition on “microbiota” — the complex ecosystem of bacteria that form the heart of our gastrointestinal tract.

Sea star wasting disease “exploding” along Oregon coast

This is bad news:  sea star wasting disease has popped up along the Oregon coast over the last two weeks, according to reports.

Chocolate: why it’s awesome

Here’s a fascinating article on how chocolate works, and why it’s better than kissing (and possibly better than sex). I found particularly interesting the part about what happens the first time a chocolate bar first melts, and the notion of it as a “solid drink” because it’s solid at room temperature but liquid at human […]

MERS Quick Update

A quick update on the MERS virus, with the latest news.

Short Story: Pink

Recently I’ve been on a trend towards making more “ordinary” foods myself rather than buying them. I’ve been making my own bread for a long time, and I made my own cheese for the first time last month when I was trying out a recipe for saag paneer. I’ve made tortillas, and tortilla chips, and […]

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