Genetics is Rapidly Changing the Study of Biology

Earlier this week I had dinner with a friend who is a professor of biology at University of Washington. This term he is teaching a class on invertebrate biology. He explained to me that their 8-year-old textbook which describes the taxonomic hierarchy for invertebrates (you remember this from  high school, right?  Kingdom phylum class order family genus […]

Park Effects

One of the less-well-covered aspects of baseball is what is known as “park effects.” The thirty stadiums (stadia?  my Latin is rusty)  are not clones of each other; they vary in all sorts of dimensions that are important to the game, such as the distance to the home-run fence, and the width of playable foul […]

Expanding knowledge about kangaroos

The Woodland Park Zoo blog has a fascinating post today about the wallaby and wallaroo joeys being raised there. The whole family of macropodidae, including kangaroos, wallaroos and wallabies, have a bizarre and perilous gestation and birth process.

How to Make Amazing Cupcakes

In my last year at Microsoft Research, I developed a reputation for bringing cupcakes into the office. This was something of a labor of love for me: I enjoy cooking and baking, and while I’m not particularly artistic, I think I do have a pretty good sense of flavor. A few years back I took […]

The Habitat Cost of Green Energy

Bloomberg has an interesting article today on what solar and wind energy installations are doing to birds.

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