Sea Star Wasting Disease — Please Help.

This is Dr. Drew Harvell, an environmental biologist from Cornell who studies the spread of diseases in the ocean. She is currently working at UW Friday Harbor Labs, on what as become known as “sea star wasting syndrome.”  This is a disease spreading along both coasts of North America that is devastating about 12 species […]


Measles, or rubeola, has been around for centuries and has travelled the globe.  In the 10th century, a Persian physician known as Rhazes was the first to document measles as a distinct disease in his book “The Book of Smallpox and Measles.”  Prior to that, societies from time to time had outbreaks of various diseases, […]


KPLU delivers the full poop on ZooDoo. I’ve seen the piles of fertilizer-in-making in one of the back lots of the zoo; Tending for them is a job I would not want. Then again, it’s better that having to dispose of all that animal poop in other ways.  

King Felix

OK, let’s talk about Felix Hernandez, the pitching ace for the Seattle Mariners. King Felix celebrated his 28th birthday last week. He also celebrated the beginning of his 10th season in the Majors.  That’s right, he arrived in the big leagues all the way back in 2005 (well, halfway through the season) at the tender age of […]

Seattle Mariners 2014 Outlook

Now that we’re into the second week of the Major League Baseball season, it seems like a good time to say something about the Seattle Mariners. I had a chance to watch them in spring training, which in additional to some statistical analysis and a good hard look at the roster and the disabled list, some things […]


One of the fun questions I get to ask zoo visitors is a classic: Are the zebras white with black stripes, or black with white stripes? While many people think it could be either, it turns out that there actually is a correct answer to that question; I’ll answer it at the end of this […]

Life is Good.

I have a ritual every time I fly through Sea-Tac Airport  (which sadly, is far too frequently). Right after I get through security, I walk through the Life is Good store on Concourse C. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect t-shirt: one that represents the more carefree aspects of my life these days.  […]

Progress on Spinal Cord Injuries

This article is a sign of hope — doctors have found a way to give some paraplegics movement over previously paralyzed parts of their bodies. There are some serious caveats:  what they really did was add “amplifiers” of sorts along the spinal cord. So in the case where there was spinal cord damage but some […]

Up and Running

OK, that took a few weeks, but the site is now up and running. Now to start writing…  stay tuned.

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