Delta vs. Alaska: The Battle in Seattle

Alaska Airlines and Delta Airlines have had a strong partnership for several years, but it looks like it’s unraveling quickly. A long time ago (in airline years), there was Northwest Orient Airlines, which was a major carrier from North America to the Asia-Pacific Region.  It subsequently dropped the word “Orient” for the obvious sensibilities, and […]

Today at the Supreme Court: when can police search your cell phone?

  Today the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on two cases related to searching cell phones:  Riley vs. California  and United States vs. Wurie.  The issue in both is the same: if the police arrest you, do they have the right to search your cell phone’s contents? Today there is no dispute that the police may […]

Crazy Weather in Seattle?

According to Cliff Mass at UW, and the National Weather Service, this coming Wednesday and Thursday are looking like they will be warm and sunny — perhaps hitting 80 degrees F — in Seattle.  Wow.  

Why are the Mariners Sucking so Badly?

We’re three and a half weeks into the regular season, and the Mariners are 8-13. Prior to winning yesterday’s game with a great comeback in the bottom of the 9th, they had lost 8 games in a row. So what’s the deal? First, it’s important to point out that it’s still very early in the […]


    OK, let’s start by getting the joke out of the way: cheetahs never prosper. Sadly, that’s very close to the truth. 12,000 years ago, when there was a mass extinction event that took out 75% of the large mammals on the planet, cheetahs barely survived. Their decimated numbers resulted in a “genetic bottleneck” […]


Here’s a really interesting and informative read on IUDs, with a history of the research done on them and how exactly they work. This is timely, as the article points out, because of the Hobby Lobby case that came up before the Supreme Court last month and is awaiting a ruling. While the issue in that court […]

Good news and bad news for the Mariners

The Seattle Mariners have good and bad news this week with respect to their pitching rotation. The good news is that Hisashi Iwakuma’s recovery from a strained finger tendon has been proceeding well. He pitched in a simulated game successfully, and is likely to start a rehab assignment with AAA Tacoma on Tuesday. The rehab […]

Is there another Earth out there?

Scientists have discovered a planet nearly the size of Earth and within the “habitable zone” surrounding its star — meaning that it would receive enough light and heat to allow for liquid water.  It’s approximately 500 light-years away from us, so we won’t be colonizing it anytime soon, but it is an interesting scientific finding […]

The Real Abortion Battle is at the State Level

When you’re convinced that you’re losing the battle, what do you do?  Find a new battlefield. Several years back, the Republican party made a quiet yet very significant shift in its political strategy. The new strategy has two interconnected prongs: 1. Thwart, blockade and obstruct nearly everything at the federal level so that nothing happens. […]

Morning at the Zoo

This morning the Woodland Park Zoo celebrated the 20th birthday of their twin grizzly bears by dumping a truckload of snow into their exhibit (courtesy of the fine folks at Crystal Mountain Ski Resort) and hiding treats within for them to dig around for.  It was great fun to watch, and I got some great shots […]

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